7 Top Attractions of Dubai

7 Top Attractions of Dubai

Dubai is a city on the rise, literally and figuratively. This collection of glittering new architecture is being carved out of the desert under the direction of Sheikh Mohammed.

It remains to be seen whether there is any substance behind the wondrous new face of the city, but Dubai has already vaulted to the top of many luxury-seekers’ travel lists. Major attractions of Dubai include:

1. Dubai Creek
This creek has been helped along in depth and volume by the hand of man, changing a shallow tract into a distinct body of water, full of boats. Visitors may stroll along the creek to see the shipping vessels, and the many new buildings that line its banks.

2. Dubai Museum
This building actually houses a dual-purpose set of displays. The fort holds a collection of weaponry. The museum itself has displays which depict Arab life before the modern economy, which rests on oil, was established.

3. Dubai Desert Safari
All of the traveler’s needs are met during this four-wheel-drive experience. Passengers are taken for the ride of a lifetime into the endless desert dunes, topped by a luxurious all-inclusive meal. This meal experience even includes the entertainment of belly dancing. The return trip allows long views of the desert at night.

4. Covered Souk
Visitors may want to take a break from the glitzy, expensive shops, and take a peek at the old world of Dubai by visiting the small souk (market) near the Dubai Museum. A quick peek at the fabric and spice stalls will remind travelers that there is old culture here as well as new.

5. Ibn Batuta Mall
Dubai is built to draw in shoppers, so visitors may as well get into the spirit of things. The impressive mall buildings are themselves worth visiting, even aside from their high-end goods.

6. Sheikhs Saeed Al-Maktoum House
Visitors may see what a Sheikh considered luxurious a century ago, before the astounding skyscrapers of Dubai were conceived.

7. Jumeirah Beach and Park
The shopping and city luxury of Dubai is so mesmerizing, it is easy to forget the simple pleasures of a day at the beach. Travelers may take time out at Jumeirah.

Lovers of glitz and glamour will find a dream come true here. Dubai is a place to see the latest that the world has to offer 21st century travelers.

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